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U+72AD, 犭

CJK Unified Ideographs
U+2EA8, ⺨

CJK Radicals Supplement

Translingual edit

Stroke order

Han character edit

(Kangxi radical 94, +0, 3 strokes, cangjie input 大弓竹 (KNH) or 大尸竹 (KSH), composition ⿹⿻丿丿)

  1. Kangxi radical #94, .

Derived characters edit

References edit

  • Kangxi Dictionary: not present, would follow page 705, character 27
  • Dai Kanwa Jiten: character 20235
  • Dae Jaweon: page 1118, character 15
  • Hanyu Da Zidian (first edition): not present, would follow volume 2, page 1331, character 1
  • Unihan data for U+72AD

Chinese edit

simp. and trad.

Pronunciation edit

Definitions edit

  1. radical form of (quǎn).

Japanese edit

Kanji edit


  1. left "dog" radical (けものへん)

Readings edit

  • Kun: けものへん (kemonohen, )

Synonyms edit

Usage notes edit

Appears only as a radical.

Vietnamese edit

Han character edit

: Hán Nôm readings: khuyển

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