Middle Persian edit

Alternative forms edit

  • [Book Pahlavi needed] (MGWŠH)

Etymology edit

From Old Persian 𐎶𐎦𐏁 (m-gu-š /⁠maguš⁠/).

Noun edit

𐭬𐭢𐭥 (mgw /moɣ/)[1]

  1. Mazdean priest

Derived terms edit

  • (/⁠mowbed[1][2]⁠/, high priest)
    Book Pahlavi script: [Book Pahlavi needed] (mgwpt')
    Inscriptional Pahlavi script: 𐭬𐭢𐭥𐭯𐭲 (mgwpt)
  • (/⁠mowmard,[1][3] moɣmard[4]⁠/, priest)
    Book Pahlavi script: [Book Pahlavi needed] (mgwmlt'), [Book Pahlavi needed] (mgwGBRA)
    • Parthian:
      Book Pahlavi script: [Book Pahlavi needed] (mgwGBRA)

Descendants edit

References edit

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