𒁯 U+1206F, 𒁯
Cuneiform 𒁰

Translingual Edit

Cuneiform sign Edit

𒁯 Sign Number
MZL 183
Deimel 113
HZL 83

References Edit

English Wikipedia has an article on:
  • R. Borger, Mesopotamisches Zeichenlexikon (MZL), Münster (2003)
  • A. Deimel, Šumerisches Lexikon (Deimel), Rome (1947)
  • Chr. Rüster, E. Neu, Hethitisches Zeichenlexikon (HZL), Wiesbaden (1989)

Sumerian Edit

Verb Edit

𒁯 (gun₃ /gunu/)

  1. to be speckled, spotted
  2. to be colourful, multicoloured, decorated
  3. (in cuneiform signs names) gunû, hatched (a sign with vertical, horizontal or oblique strokes written on it to differentiate it from an otherwise identical sign, e.g.: the sign 𒅊 is described as igi gunû, i.e. the sign 𒅆 (igi) with horizontal strokes written on it.)

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  • The sign 𒍦, the cuneiform sign used on Wiktionary to indicate the gunû as a component in the Cuneiform sign section of translingual cuneiform entries. See an example at 𒅊.

References Edit

  • 𒁯 (gunu)” in ePSD2