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-ва́ть (-vátʹ)

  1. Used to derive imperfective verbs from perfective verbs whose unprefixed stem consists of a single syllable ending in a vowel. Also sometimes formed from class-1 verbs in -еть (-etʹ), which can also form imperfectives using -ивать (-ivatʹ).
    нагре́ть pf (nagrétʹ) (unprefixed stem гре- (gre-)) → нагрева́ть impf (nagrevátʹ)
    проплы́ть pf (proplýtʹ) (unprefixed stem плы- (ply-)) → проплыва́ть impf (proplyvátʹ)
    дать pf (datʹ) (stem да- (da-)) → дава́ть impf (davátʹ)
    охладе́ть pf (oxladétʹ) (class 1 in -еть (-etʹ)) → охладева́ть impf (oxladevátʹ)

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  • Can be added to class-4 verbs with a single-syllable unprefixed stem, in which case the stem vowel changes to -е- (-e-) (see -ева́ть (-evátʹ)).

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