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Middle Korean edit

Etymology edit

From Old Korean 音叱 (*-ms).

Pronunciation edit

IPA(key): /ms/

Suffix edit


  1. (archaic) necessity-marking suffix attached to a verb stem, equivalent to English "it is fitting that..."
    • 1490, 三綱行實圖諺解本 (Samgang Haengsildo Eonhaebon):
      모로매 降ᄒᆡ요려커든 내 알ᄑᆡ셔 주거뵈요ᇝ
      mwolwomay HANG-hoyyolyekhetun na-y alph-oysye cwuke-pwoyyomsta
      If you indeed wish to make me surrender, it is fitting that I die in front [of you] to show [that I will not surrender].

References edit

  • 남풍현 (Nam Pung-hyun) (2010) “헌화가의 해독 [Heonhwaga-ui haedok, Interpretation of the Heonhwa-ga]”, in Gugyeol Yeon'gu, volume 24, pages 5–35