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See also: -igi, igi, iĝi, and īgi




  1. to become, e.g. ruĝa (red) ⇒ to blush.
  2. to change in state, e.g. fali (to fall) ⇒ faliĝi (to fall (by oneself)).
  3. makes intransitive verbs out of transitive ones, e.g. komenci (to begin) (tr) ⇒ komenciĝi (to begin) (intr).
    La spegulo rompiĝis.
    The mirror broke.
  4. used to form the passive voice of an active-voice verb
    La spegulo rompiĝis.
    The mirror was broken.

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  • The definitions above are related to each other and not mutually exclusive.

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