Faroese edit

Etymology edit

Ultimately, from Latin -ismus.

Suffix edit


  1. -ism

Declension edit

Declension of -isma
f1 singular plural
indefinite definite indefinite definite
nominative -isma -isman -ismur -ismurnar
accusative -ismu -ismuna -ismur -ismurnar
dative -ismu -ismuni -ismum -ismunum
genitive -ismu -ismunnar -isma -ismanna

Latin edit

Pronunciation edit

Suffix edit

-isma n (genitive -ismatis); third declension

  1. (rare, not productive, in words derived from Greek) Alternative form of -ismus; -ism (used to form nouns of action or process or result)

Declension edit

Third-declension noun (neuter, imparisyllabic non-i-stem).

Case Singular Plural
Nominative -isma -ismata
Genitive -ismatis -ismatum
Dative -ismatī -ismatibus
Accusative -isma -ismata
Ablative -ismate -ismatibus
Vocative -isma -ismata

Derived terms edit