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Scottish GaelicEdit


From Old Irish -mar (compare Irish -mhar).




  1. Forming nouns from nouns and adjectives with the sense of “full of what is denoted by the noun", similar to -ful in English
    ceòl (music)ceòlmhor (musical)
    feòil (flesh)feòlmhor (sensual, erotic; carnal, lustful; fleshy, fat; brutish, bestial)
    iochd (mercy, pity, compassion, grace)iochdmhor (clement, compassionate, humane, merciful, kind)
    iùl (knowledge)iùlmhor (wise, learned, sagacious, sensible)
    sìol (seed)sìolmhor (prolific, fertile, generative, fruitful, abounding in seed)

Derived termsEdit