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French edit

Alternative forms edit

Etymology edit

Apparently representing an old form of the feminine suffix -euse, preserved in slang.

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /uz/
  • (file)

Suffix edit


  1. Alternative spelling of -ouze
    bague (ring) + ‎-ouse → ‎bagouse (large ring) (slang)
    bière (beer) + ‎-ouse → ‎binouse ((glass of) beer) (informal)
    centrale (center) + ‎-ouse → ‎centrouse (central prison house) (slang)
    feuille (leaf) + ‎-ouse → ‎fouillouse (pocket (of a garment)) (obsolete)
    gamelle (portable pot or pan) + ‎-ouse → ‎galtouse (dish) (slang)
    partie (game, match) + ‎-ouse → ‎partouse (orgy)
    perle (pearl) + ‎-ouse → ‎perlouse (pearl; fart) (slang)
    piqure (prick, injection) + ‎-ouse → ‎piquouse (prick, hit (of heroin)) (slang)
    tante (aunt) + ‎-ouse → ‎tantouse (queer, homo) (informal, pejorative)

Middle English edit

Suffix edit


  1. Alternative form of -ous