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From French Sign Language [Term?].


  • This one-handed ASL sign is produced as follows:
    1. Posture the dominant hand in the “1” handshape about half an arm's length in front of the shoulder, dominant palm facing back.
    2. Hold the hand briefly in this posture.
GUH Hand LUH Hand LUH Move GUH Move GUH Hand LUH Hand
GUH Palm LUH Palm Second Second GUH Palm LUH Palm
GUH Position LUH Separation Third Third


  (ASL gloss: ONE)

  1. one; 1

Usage notesEdit

  • Some people always sign the number 1 with the palm forward. For others, however, the palm faces back (i.e., as 1@Side-PalmBack) for the actual number 1 but the palm faces forward when used as a part of a longer number like 555-1234, as a time (i.e. one o'clock), and in certain other numeral-incorporating constructs.
  • Like other single-digit ASL numerals, this sign is incorporated into several other signs to indicate a single instance. Several of the derived terms below show that numeral incorporation.

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