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Appendix:The 99 names of Allah

The 99 names of AllahEdit

The 99 names of Allah, also known as The 99 Names of God or The 99 attributes of Allah (Arabic: أسماء الله الحسنى‎(ʾasmāʾ Allah al-ħusná), are the names of God revealed to man in The Qur'an.

No. Arabic male Turkish male Arabic female Turkish female Whole name Transcription Written Diacritical Epithet Meaning
29 Adil Âdil Adila Âdile Abduladl ‘abd al-‘adl العدل Al-Adl the Utterly Just, the Righteous, the Honest
82 Afuw Abdulafuw ‘abd al-‘afuww العفو Al-Afuww the Pardoner, the Effacer of Sins
67 Ahad Abdulahad ‘abd al-ahad الأحد Al-Ahad the One (see Wahid)
74 Akhir Abdulakhir ‘abd al-akhir الأخر Al-Akhir The Last
36 Ali Ali Aliya, Alia Aliye Abdulali ‘abd al-ali العلي Al-Ali, Al-Aliy the Sublimely Exalted, the All-high
19 Alim Alîm Alima Alîme Abdulalim ‘abd al-‘alim العليم Al-Alim the All-knowing, the Omniscient, the Knower
Allah Allah Abdullah ‘abd allah الله Allah the Highest; God
73 Awwal Abdulawwal ‘abd al-awwal الأول Al-Awwal the First
33 Azim Azim Azima Azime Abdulazim ‘abd al-‘azeem العظيم Al-Azim the Magnificent, the Infinite, the All-glorious
8 Aziz Aziz Aziza Azize Abdulaziz ‘abd al-‘azeez العزيز Al-Aziz the Almighty, the Self Sufficient
95 Badi' Bedi Badi'a Bedia Abdulbadi ‘abd al-badi' البديع Al-Badi' the Incomparable, the Orginator, the Creator
49 Baith Abdulba'ith ‘abd al-ba‘ith الباعث Al-Ba'ith the Raiser of the Dead
96 Baqi Baki Abdulbaqi ‘abd al-baaqii الباقي Al-Baqi the Ever Enduring and Immutable, the Everlasting
12 Bari' Bari'a Beria Abdulbari ‘abd al-bari' الباري Al-Bari' the Maker, the Originator
79 Barr Abdulbarr ‘abd al-barr البر Al-Barr the Most Kind an Righteous, the All-benign
27 Basir Basira Abdulbasir ‘abd al-baseer البصير Al-Basir the All Seeing, All-seeing
21 Basit Abdulbasit ‘abd al-baasit الباسط Al-Basit the Expander, the Munificent, the One who stretches out
76 Batin Abdulbatin ‘abd al-baatin الباطن Al-Batin the Hidden, the All Encompassing, the Inward
91 Darr Abduldarr ‘abd ad-darr الضار Ad-Darr the Distressor, the Harmer
18 Fattah Fettah Abdulfattah ‘abd al-fattaah الفتاح Al-Fattah the Opener, the Victory Giver, the Conqueror
14 Ghaffar Gaffar Abdulghaffar ‘abd al-ghaffaar الغفار Al-Ghaffar ther Ever Forgiving, the All-forgiving
34 Ghafur Gafur Abdulghafur ‘abd al-ghafoor الغفور Al-Ghafur the All Forgiving, All-forgiving
88 Ghani Gani Ghaniya Ganiye Abdulghani ‘abd al-ghani الغني Al-Ghani the All Rich, the Independant, the All-sufficient; the Rich
94 Hadi Hâdi Hadia Hâdiye Abdulhadi ‘abd al-haadi الهادي Al-Hadi the Guide
38 Hafiz/Hafid Hafiz/Hafid Hafiza Hafize/Hafide Abdulhafiz ‘abd al-hafeez الحفيظ Al-Hafiz the Preserver, the Guardian, the Keeper
28 Hakam Abdulhakam ‘abd al-hakam الحكم Al-Hakam the Judge, the Arbitrator
46 Hakim Hakîm Hakeema Hakîme Abdulhakim ‘abd al-hakeem الحكيم Al-Hakim the Wise, the Judge, the All-wise
32 Halim Halim Halima Halime Abdulhalim ‘abd al-haleem الحليم Al-Halim the Forbearing, the Indulgent, the All-clement, the Gentle
56 Hamid Hamit Hamida Hamide Abdulhamid ‘abd al-hameed الحميد Al-Hamid the All Praiseworthy, the All-laudable, the Praised
51 Haqq Hak Abdulhaqq ‘abd al-haqq الحق Al-Haqq the Truth, the Real
40 Hasib Hasip Hasiba Hasibe Abdulhasib ‘abd al-hasib الحسيب Al-Hasib the Reckoner
62 Hayy Haya Abdulhayy ‘abd al-hayy الحي Al-Hayy the Ever Living, the Living
9 Jabbar Cebbar Abduljabbar ‘abd al-jabbar الجبار Al-Jabbar the Powerful, the Irrestible, the All-compeller
41 Jalil Celil Jalila Celile Abduljalil ‘abd al-jaleel الجليل Al-Jalil the Majestic, the Exalted
87 Jami' Cem'i Jamia Abduljami' ‘abd al-jami' الجامع Al-Jami' the Gatherer, the Unifier, the Collector
XX Jamil Cemil Jamila Cemile Abduljamil ‘abd al-jameel الجميل Al-Jameel the Beautiful
37 Kabir Abdulkabir ‘abd al-kabeer الكبير Al-Kabir the Great, the All-great
XX Kafi Abdulkafi ‘abd al-kaafi الكافي Al-Kafi the All-sufficient
42 Karim Kerim Karima Kerime Abdulkarim ‘abd al-kareem الكريم Al-Karim the Bountiful, the Generous, most Generous, the Noble
31 Khabir Abdulkhabir ‘abd al-khabeer الخبير Al-Khabir the All Aware
22 Khafid Abdulkhafid ‘abd al-khafeed الخافض Al-Khafid the Abaser
11 Khaliq Hâlik Abdulkhaliq ‘abd al-khaaliq الخالق Al-Khaliq the Creator
30 Latif Latîf Latifa Latîfe Abdullatif ‘abd al-lateef اللطيف Al-Latif the Subtly Kind, the All-gentle, the Kindest
65 Maajid Abdulmaajid ‘abd al-maajeed الماجد Al-Maajid the Illustrious, the Magnificent
48 Majid Mecit Majida Mecide Abdulmajid ‘abd al-majeed المجيد Al-Majid the All Glorious, the All-glorious, the Noble
3 Malik Melik Malika Melike Abdulmalik ‘abd al-maleek الملك Al-Malik the King, the Sovereign, the Owner
90 Mani' Abdulmani' ‘abd al-mani' المانع Al-Mani' the Withholder, the Shielder, the Defender
XX Mannan Mennan Mannana Abdulmannan ‘abd al-mannaan المنان Al-Mannan the Benevolent
54 Matin Metin Abdulmatin ‘abd al-mateen المتين Al-Matin the Firm, the Steadfast, the Strong
72 Mu'akhkhir Abdulmu'akhkhir ‘abd al-mu‘akhkhir المؤخر Al Mu‘akhkhir the Delayer, He puts far away
58 Mubdi Abdulmubdi ‘abd al-mubdi المبدئ Al-Mubdi the Producer, Orginator, and Initiator of All
25 Mudhill/Muzill Abdulmudhill ‘abd al-mudhill المذل Al-Mudhill the Giver of Dishonor
89 Mughni Abdulmughni ‘abd al-mughni المغنى Al-Mughni the Enricher, the Emancipator
7 Muhaimin Abdulmuhaimin ‘abd al-muhaimin المهيمن Al-Muhaymin the Guardian, the Preserver, the All-preserver
57 Muhsi Abdulmuhsi ‘abd al-muhsi المحصى Al-Muhsi the Accounter, the Numberer of All, the Reckoner
60 Muhyi Muhja Abdulmuhyi ‘abd al-muhyi المحيى Al-Muhyi the Giver of Life, the One who gives live
60 Muid Muida Müjde Abdulmuid ‘abd al-muid المعيد Al-Mu'id the Reinstater Who Brings Back All, the Restorer
24 Muizz Abdulmu'izz ‘abd al-mu‘izz المعز Al-Mu'izz the Giver of Honor
44 Mujib Mücip Abdulmujib ‘abd al-mujeeb المجيب Al-Mujib the Responsive, the Answerer
6 Mumin Mümin Mumina Mümine Abdulmumin ‘abd al-mumeen المؤمن Al-Mu'min the Guarantor, the Benefactor, the Giver of peace
61 Mumit Abdulmumit ‘abd al-mumit المميت Al-Mumit the Bringer of Death, the Destroyer
81 Muntaqim Abdulmuntaqim ‘abd al-muntaqim المنتقم Al-Muntaqim the Avenger
71 Muqaddim Abdulmuqaddim ‘abd al-muqaddim المقدم Al Muqaddim the Expediter, He who brings forward, the One who gives priorities
39 Muqit Abdulmuqit ‘abd al-muqeet المقيت Al-Muqit the Nourisher
86 Muqsit Abdulmuqsit ‘abd al-muqsit المقسط Al-Muqsit the Equitable, the Requiter, the Reasonable
70 Muqtadir Abdulmuqtadir ‘abd al-muqtadir المقتدر Al-Muqtadir the All Determiner, the Dominant, the Omnipotent
13 Musawwir Abdulmusawwir ‘abd al-musawweer المصور Al-Musawwir the Fashioner of Forms, the Shaper
78 Muta'ali Abdulmuta'ali ‘abd al-muta‘ali المتعالي Al-Muta'ali the Self Exalted, the most High
10 Mutakabbir Abdulmutakabbir ‘abd al-mutakabbeer المتكبر Al-Mutakabbir the Tremendous
92 Nafi' Nâfi Nafia Nâfize Abdunnafi' ‘abd an-nafi' النافع An-Nafi' the Propitious, the Benefactor
XX Nasir Nâsir Nasira Nâsira Abdunnasir ‘abd an-naasir الناصر An-Naasir the Helper, the Protector
93 Nur Nur Nura Nur Abdunnur ‘abd an-noor النور An-Nur the Light, the Source of Light
20 Qabid Abdulqabid ‘abd al-qabeed القابض Al-Qabid the Restrainer, the Straightener
69 Qadir Kadir Kaadire Abdulqadir ‘abd al-qadeer القادر Al-Qadir the All Able, the Powerful
15 Qahhar Abdulqahhar ‘abd al-qahhar القهار Al-Qahhar the All Compelling Subduer
XX Qahir Abdulqahir ‘abd al-qaahir القاهر Al-Qahir the Subduer, the Conqueror
53 Qawi Abdulqawi ‘abd al-qawi القوى Al-Qawi the Strong, the Powerful
63 Qayyum Abdulqayyum ‘abd al-qayyoom القيوم Al-Qayyum the Self Subsisting Sustainer of All, the Eternal, the Everlasting
4 Quddus Kuddus Qudsiya Abdulquddus ‘abd al-quddus القدوس Al-Quddus the Most Holy, the All-holy
XX Rabb Abdurrabb ‘abd ar-rabb الرب Ar-Rabb the Lord
23 Rafi' Refi, Refii Rafia Refia Abdurrafi' ‘abd ar-rafee' الرافع Ar-Rafi' the Exalter, the Exalted
2 Rahim Rahim Rahima Rahime Abdurrahim ‘abd ar-raheem الرحيم Ar-Rahim the Most Merciful, the Compassionate
1 Rahman Rahman Abdurrahman ‘abd ar-rahman الرحمن Ar-Rahman the All Beneficient, the most Gracious
43 Raqib Abdurraqib ‘abd ar-raqeeb الرقيب Ar-Raqib the Watchful, the Observer, the Watcher
98 Rashid Reşit / Raşit Rashida Reşide Abdurrashid ‘abd ar-rasheed الرشيد Ar-Rashid the Guide, Infallible Teacher, and Knower, the Right-minded, the Follower of the Right Way
83 Rauf Rauf Abdurrauf ‘abd ar-ra‘uf الرؤوف Ar-Ra'oof the Compassionate, the All Pitying, the most Kind
17 Razzaq Rezzak Abdurrazzaq ‘abd ar-razzaaq الرزاق Ar-Razzaq the Ever Providing, the All-provider
99 Sabur Sabur Abdussabur ‘abd as-saboor الصبور As-Sabur the Patient, the Timeless
5 Salam Selâm Salama Abdussalam ‘abd as-salaam السلام As-Salam Peace and Blessing, the All-peaceable
68 Samad Samet Abdussamad ‘abd as-samad الصمد As-Samad the Self Sufficient, the Impregnable, the Eternally Besought of All, the Everlasting, the Eternal
26 Sami Sami Samia Samiye Abdussami ‘abd as-samee' السميع As-Sami the All Hearing, All-hearing
XX Sattar Settar Abdulsattar ‘abd as-sattar الستار As-Sattar the Veiler of sin, the One who covers sins
50 Shahid Shahida Abdusshahid ‘abd ash-shaheed الشهيد Ash-Shahid the Witness
35 Shakur Şekür Shakura Şeküre Abdusshakur ‘abd ash-shakoor الشكور Ash-Shakur the Grateful, the All-thankful
xx Sultan Sultan Sultana Sultan السلطان As-Sultan the Sovereign, the Ruler
80 Tawwab Abduttawwab ‘abd at-tawwab التواب At-Tawwab the Ever Returning, Ever Relenting, the most Forgiving, the Merciful
47 Wadud Vedit Vedide Abdulwadud ‘abd al-wadood الودود Al-Wadud the Loving, the Kind One, the All-loving, the Affectionate
16 Wahhab Vahap Abdulwahhab ‘abd al-wahhab الوهاب Al-Wahhab the Bestower, the All-giver
66 Wahid Vahit Wahida Vahide Abdulwahid ‘abd al-waheed الواحد Al-Wahid the One, the All Inclusive, the Indivisible, the Unique
64 Wajid Vecit Wajida Abdulwajid ‘abd al-wajeed الواجد Al-Wajid the Preceiver, the Finder, the Unfailing
52 Wakil Abdulwakil ‘abd al-wakeel الوكيل Al-Wakil the Trustee, the Dependable
77 Wali Veli Abdulwali ‘abd al-wali الوالي Al-Wali the Patron, the Governor
55 Waliyy Veli Abdulwaliyy ‘abd al-waliyy الولى Al-Waliyy the Protecting Friend, Patron, and Helper, the Protector
97 Waris/Warith Abdulwaris ‘abd al-waarith الوارث Al-Waaris/Al-Warith the Heir, the Inheritor of All
45 Wasi Abdulwasi ‘abd al-waasi' الواسع Al-Wasi the Vast, the All Encompassing, All-embracing
75 Zahir Zâhir Zahira Abduzzahir ‘abd az-zaheer الظاهر Az-Zahir the Manifest, the All Victorious, the Helper, the Supporter
85 Dhu al-Jalal wa al-Ikram ذو الجلال والإكرام Dhu al-Jalal wa al-Ikram the Lord of Majesty and Generosity
84 Malik al-Mulk مالك الملك Malik al-Mulk the Eternal Owner of All Sovereignty