Broad Church

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Broad Church

  1. (Anglicanism) The movement to latitudinarian churchmanship in the Church of England; collectively, those people engaged in the movement.
    • 1989, M. A. Crowther, Church Problems and Churvh Parties, Gerald Parsons (editor), Religion in Victorian Britain IV: Interpretations, page 19,
      Hampden contributed nothing to the theology of his time and specifically rejected the Broad Church in the 1860s.
    • 2009, Herbert Schlossberg, Conflict and Crisis in the Religious Life of Late Victorian England, page 9,
      The first Broad Church, in her view, included Coleridge, Arnold, Kingsley, and Maurice, and was spiritual in the same way as the Evangelicals.
    • 2011, Keith Robbins, Political and Legal Perspectives, page 62,
      Mid-nineteenth-century Anglican Broad Church thinkers included such figures as FD Maurice, AC Tait, AP Stanley, Benjamin Jowett, and Charles Kingsley. There was also a Broad Church movement (sometimes referred to as ‘liberal evangelical’) in Scotland,which included James Robertson, John Tulloch, John Caird and Norman MacLeod.