Category:Requests for cleanup (Icelandic Sign Language headword line)

This category has Icelandic Sign Language entries with nonstandard headword lines. They may need a single, small representative photograph or an ÍTM gloss (an English word or short phrase in all capital letters that ÍTM linguists typically use to refer to the sign). Entries for signs with multiple postures or complex movements may show multiple, arbitrarily large production photographs in a ===Production=== section. Most ÍTM signs correspond to multiple parts of speech, though, and rather than repeat multiple large production photographs in each POS section (e.g. ===Adjective===, ===Noun===, ===Verb===), a single, small photograph is shown in each such section.

The title of each entry in this category is or should be in accordance with the conventions articulated at Wiktionary:About sign languages.