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Map including TS'E-LO (CHIRA BAZAR) (USATC, 1971)


Borrowed from Uyghur چىرا(chira).


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Proper nounEdit


  1. Alternative form of Qira
    • 1907, Ellsworth Huntington, The Pulse of Asia A Journey in Central Asia Illustrating the Geographic Basis of History[1], Houghton Mifflin Company, page 169:
      The best point for beginning my investigations seemed to be a group of ruins, Uzun-Tetti and other, which lie in the zone of vegetation a few miles north and east of Chira, and another group, Dandan-Uilik and Rawak, which lie far out in the sandy Takla-Makan desert, fifty or sixty miles north of Chira.
    • 2010, “Authorities in Xinjiang Use Pledge System To Exert Control Over Village Life”, in Congressional-Executive Commission on China[2]:
      In one village in Chira county, Hoten, no cases of "illegal religious activity" occurred for a one-year period, after authorities implemented the pledge system, according to a March 18, 2008, report on Fazhi Xinjiang.
    • 2017, Qiao Long, “'No Sign' of Kazakh Imam Scheduled For Release From Prison in July”, in Luisetta Mudie, transl.; Luisetta Mudie, editor, Radio Free Asia[3]:
      Salamet Memetimin, the communist party secretary for Chaka township’s Bekchan village, in Hotan (in Chinese, Hetian) prefecture’s Chira (Cele) county, was among 97 officials recently charged with disciplinary violations, according to an April 10 report by the state-run Hotan Daily newspaper.