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English citations of North Macedonia

northern MacedoniaEdit

  • 1885, The Economist, page 1194:
    Bulgaria claims at least half Macedonia, Greece maintains her right to the whole of that province, Montenegro insists on extension in Albania, and Servia claims immediately part of North Macedonia.
  • 1970, The foreign and Yugoslav historiography of Macedonia and the Macedonian people (Institut za nacionalna istorija (Skopje, Macedonia)),
    page 39: Then in North Macedonia the Peasants' Uprising of 1689 — 1690 broke out, the Macedonian Karpos being at its head.
    page 68: [...] speaking about the Greek schools in North Macedonia, during the last century, while Macedonia was still part of the Turkish Empire, [...]

the site of Skopje or places now in the FYROMEdit

  • 1930, International Press Correspondence, volume 10, page 117:
    On the 28th January there commenced the trial of 15 national revolutionary and Communist Macedonians from Kumanovo (North Macedonia).
  • 1970, Balkan Studies: Biannual Publication of the Institute for Balkan Studies, page 130:
    After Murad's expedition to Albania Çaus Bey must have settled in Monastir (Bitola) in North Macedonia. In H. 838 (A.D. 1433-1434) he built there a great mosque which existed into our times.
  • 1975, Ivan Venedikov, Todor Dimitrov Gerasimov, Thracian art treasures, page 16:
    The name Dardani, given to the people living along the banks of the River Vardar around Skopje in North Macedonia, is given in The Iliad to the Trojans.
  • 2009, Demetrius Kiminas, The Ecumenical Patriarchate, page 219:
    ... Greece 1928 (New Lands) Skiathos and Skopelos, Diocese Larissa, North Aegean Sea, Greece 1833 de facto, 1850 canon
    Skopia (Skopje), North Macedonia, Serbia 1920


  • 2002 October 10, "tommy" (username), Macedonian S&L Proves FYROMians WRONG, in, Usenet:
    Prove it that it wasn't a Greek club. And yes Tito was the first to say FYROmians were not Bulgarians living in North Macedonia, but a new ethnic group.
  • 2019 February 24,, Re: Towards a 'Greater' Albania... in Six Parts, alt.politics.socialism.trotsky, Usenet:
    A little off topic perhaps (though there is a substantial Albanian minority in "North Macedonia") likely central to the USA/NWO agitation there re the real (Greek) Macedonia....

mentions, but early attestations of the name for the FYROMEdit

  • 1993, Alan F. Fogelquist Handbook of Facts on: The Break-up of Yugoslavia, International Policy, and the War in Bosnia-Hercegovina, Volume 1, page 25:
    Since that time the Macedonians have offered to sign a treaty renouncing all claims to Greek territory and to rename the country New Macedonia or North Macedonia, but the Greek government continues to block Macedonian recognition by the European community.
  • 2009, Egbert Jahn, Nationalism in Late and Post-Communist Europe, Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft Mbh & Company (→ISBN):
    ... which were regarded as being discriminatory, and which were based on terms used by the Greeks at the time, such as The Republic of Skopje, North Macedonia or the abbreviation FYROM, introduced internationally by Greece in 1993.