English citations of babbit

  1. 1968, The Numismatist, volume 81, American Numismatic Association, page 255:
    1896 Bryan's idea of coinage, Babbit Dollar, Liberty Head, Reverse 16 to 1.
  2. 2010, Jack Powell, Time Traveler's Guide to Florida, →ISBN:
    For their work they receive “babbits” (tokens for the outrageously overpriced items at the company store) and then spend them
  3. 2015, Keith V. Bletzer, Down Country Lanes, Behind Abandoned Houses, page 61:
    As one example of this isolation, when cattle raising was Agton's main industry and townspeople relied on gardening for home consumption in the early 1900s, small metal discs, called babbits, were used as “coins”, despite currency from U.S. mints (Philadelphia established 1792, San Francisco 1854, and Denver 1863).