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English citations of chateau migraine

  • 2007, Gad Shimron, Mossad Exodus: The Daring Undercover Rescue of the Lost Jewish Tribe, Gefen Publishing House Ltd (→ISBN), page 157:
    Eritrean brandy was also known as "Chateau Migraine" for the horrible headache — like a hammer pounding on the temples — that was an inseparable part of the drinking experience. The heavy midday heat in Tokar chased even the toughest of denizens to the few shaded ...
  • 2010, Zimbabwe, a Passion Shared, Boekenplan (→ISBN), page 53
    White wine is great with it. But these guests are still drinking Leffe after the soup. ... Definitely not a Chateau Migraine, we thought. We work hard. We live hard. The country is hard and every week it seems to become harder.