English citations of dentistry, practice, and office

  • 1916, Canadian criminal cases annotated, volume 25:
    I should think the evidence would not require to be very severely sifted when as in a case such as this the accused was employed in a somewhat extensive dentistry office and where he was known as Dr. Austin, where he did a considerable amount of work. I think there might be a very strong presumption that the accused was practising the profession of dentistry.
  • 1997, Robert Mulcahy, Medical Technology: Inventing the Instruments, page 62:
    Soon he was spending so much time experimenting with ether that he asked another dentist, Granville Hayden, to run his dentistry office.

English citations of dentistry and science

  • 1957, Annals of dentistry, volumes 16-17, New York Academy of Dentistry:
    Thus will be created a better service for patients and the raising of the profession to even greater heights. The basis of dentistry is science, and science depends on research.
  • 1991, Charles A. Babbush, Dental implants: principles and practice:
    The dental practitioner must be aware of the public's attitude and must make special efforts to reinforce the fact that dentistry is as much art as it is science
  • 2004, James T. Rule, Robert M. Veatch, Ethical questions in dentistry:
    And even if such evidence is not now available, the fact that it is amenable to such an approach clearly suggests dentistry is a science.

    • (Can we date this quote?), Dental & Orthodontic Email Marketing, page 1:
      Through the analysis of the current best practices in email marketing among dental & orthodontic businesses (referred to collectively as dentistries),