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English citations of grace

Sense "prayer"Edit

  • 1881, Charles Lamb, The Works of Charles Lamb, page 169
    In houses where the grace is as indispensable as the napkin, who has not seen that never-settled question arise, as to who shall say it?
  • 1898, Lewis Naphtali Dembitz, Jewish Services in Synagogue and Home, page 345
    [...] and when they had only one cup, to hold it in the hand during grace and to drink it after grace with the words [...]
  • 1908, Martin G. Brumbaugh (trans.), Christopher Dock, The Life and Works of Christopher Dock, page 204
    During grace, do not let your hands dangle, or move them otherwise, but let them, with your eyes, be raised to God.
  • 1912, The Catholic Encyclopedia, page 555
    In the religious orders, naturally the custom of grace was much insisted upon.
  • 1915, Henry F. Cope, Religious Education in the Family, page 135
    Should we say grace on all occasions of meals? What shall we do at the social dinner in the home? The answer depends on the purpose of the grace. [...] the asking of grace will be perfectly natural.
  • 1994, Nicole Landry Sault, Many Mirrors: Body Image and Social Relations, page 113
    When "I'm so fat" is said in the girls' locker room, [...] When the statement comes before eating, it provides an apology or excuse by the speaker for the indulgence at hand (in effect, a secular "grace" before eating).
  • 1996, Milton Steinberg, As a Driven Leaf, page 57
    Painfully aware of his youth and unimportance, Elisha slipped unobtrusively into the first vacant place he spied, broke bread, murmured the appropriate grace, and ventured to look up.
  • 2002, Bruce Northam, Globetrotter Dogma, page 103
    I was greeted on the matted floor of the town meeting hall by the chief and his entourage for a customary sevu sevu greeting — similar to a Christian grace before a meal, except both host and visitor say quiet prayers, all heads bowed.
  • 2007, Adrian Butash, Bless This Food, page 4
    When we say a grace at the table before eating, we give thanks for our togetherness, our blessings, and our happiness.