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English citations of kombucha

  • 1927, Great Britain. Chemistry Research Board, Special report, Issues 1-6, page 16:
    In the "Kombucha" fermentation, which consists in the fermentation of China tea sweetened with sucrose by a mixture of Bact. gluconicum, Bact. xylinum and Bact. xylinoides27, 28, the inversion takes place before the dehydrogenation to gluconic acid.
  • 1928, Bureau of Chemical Abstracts, Bureau of Chemical Abstracts (Great Britain), Chemical Society (Great Britain), Society of Chemical Industry (Great Britain), British chemical abstracts: Pure chemistry, page 330:
    It is suggested that the therapeutic action of "Kombucha" is related to the presence of B. gluconicum.
  • 1943, William Henri Schopfer, Plants and vitamins, 176
    The same synthesis has been assumed for B. bifidus and also in Kombucha symbionts (a yeast + an acetic bacterium of Javanese tea).
  • 1995, Alana Pascal, Lynne Van Der Kar, Kombucha: How-To and What It's All about, [1]
  • 1995, Günther W. Frank, Kombucha: Healthy Beverage and Natural Remedy from the Far East : Its Correct Preparation and Use, [2]