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English citations of penii

  • 1991 August 22, "eiverso", <>, "Flat-chested female characters (was Re: Overweight characters)", rec.arts.comics, Usenet:
    To further the comparison, not only are some men's penii (plural) larger, you can't exercise a penis to make it bigger (permanently, that is :-)), the same goes for breasts. Breasts and penii can be surgically enlarged.
  • 1993, Rita Mae Brown, Venus Envy, Random House, pp. 239-241:
    He delicately poured white lines of cocaine on these erect penii which the white members of the party and crew sniffed.
  • 1994, Fay Ajzenberg-Selove, A Matter of Choices: Memoirs of a Female Physicist, Rutgers University Press, p. 95:
    Its [Boston University] campus was filled by a complex of buildings dominated by two towers called by its inhabitants "the twin penii".
  • 1997 [2004 reprint], Matt Ruff & Tom Stoppard, Sewer, Gas and Electric: The Public Works Trilogy, Grove Press, p. 67:
    [T]he United States Supreme Court had determined [] that artificial testicles were kosher under this law, but prosthetic penii clearly were not.
  • 2004, Howard Korder, A Sea of Tranquility [play], Dramatists Play Service, p. 50:
    RANDY: [] The penis cannot be bottled ¶ ASHLEY: Okay, I see, well — ¶ RANDY: No bottled penii. Hilarious!
  • 2004, David Bret, Morrissey: Scandal and Passion, Robson, p. 132:
    [I]n August 1993 he [Richard Smith] wrote a feature for the Gay Times entitled 'Cock Rock', which detailed 23 of 'the most noted penii in pop'.
  • 2005, Kevin Dole 2, Tangerinephant, Afterbirth Books, p. 27:
    The audience as canis: hyenas and jackals, tongue lolling, penii flopping, end over head over end.
  • 2006, May 14, Neva Chonin, "Floppy Joe", San Francisco Chronicle, p. PK-18:
    Hey, I'm talking about penii again, an appropriate topic for the month marking the 150th anniversary of Freud's birth.
  • 2007 May 6, Stefan Gates, "Taboo foods", Cooking in the Danger Zone, BBC:
    More dog willies. What’s with the penis? Why so many penii?
  • 2008, Chuck Austen, Like Warm Sun on Nekkid Bottoms,, pp. 289-290:
    Interestingly, Nightcrawler had two penises.//Penii?
  • 2008 August 18, Ciny Adams, "Team Obama All Over Book Nook", New York Post:
    What is it with public officials and their penii?
  • 2012, Viz Defacement Competition (in Viz magazine, issue 217, August 2012)
    As ever, points will be awarded for anatomically impossible, veiny, prehensile penii []