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Noun: "(US, slang, pejorative) a supporter of the Tea Party movement"Edit

2010 2011 2012
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  • 2010 March 29, NoTroll2O1O [username], “Re: Obamacare kicking some real Ass !!!”, in, Usenet[1]:
    But to be expected from a trailer dwelling teatard with low (no) self esteem.
  • 2010 April 26, ChasNemo [username], “Re: Don't Mess With Arizona”, in, Usenet[2]:
    People have substantial gun rights here in Michigan (where we live --as you and a few others know and teatards seem unable to figure out!), and in nearby states such as Ohio and Pennsylvania, .
  • 2010 July 14, Clave, “Re: OrangeSFO takes another shit all over Dailykos: "BUT, RACISM!!! RACISM!!!"”, in, Usenet[3]:
    The racism of much of the teatard rank and file hasn't been at all subtle, and there's been fuck all effort by the teatard "leadership" to distance their "movement" from any of it.
  • 2010 November 3, Chris Bellomy, “Re: Bellomy On Suicide Watch?”, in, Usenet[4]:
    But there will be nonstop investigations and hearings until the Democrats win the thing back. You can't seriously imagine that the teatards would allow their newly minted stormtroopers to sit back and do nothing.
  • 2010 November 24, JLS, “Re: Closing-in: Supremes Confer On No Birth Certificate Eligibility Crisis”, in alt.politics, Usenet[5]:
    You teatard birthers are delightfully funny.
  • 2010 November 29, JLS, “Re: Obamaism (as in 57 State Obama) was Palinism”, in alt.appalachian, Usenet[6]:
    Doesn't the bible of you teatards say something about bearing false witness?
  • 2010 December 27, Neoconis_Ignoramus [username], “Re: Has any Republican since Ronald Reagan, generated quite so much hysteria from the left as Sarah Palin?”, in alt.politics.liberalism, Usenet[7]:
    Obama can run circles around the teatard princess, but that ain't saying much.
  • 2011 February 28, Neoconis_Ignoramus [username], “Teatard "plan" would cost 700,000 jobs, cut gdp growth”, in, Usenet[8]:
    As if we needed further evidence that the teatard "austerity" "plan" was a stupid idea.
  • 2011 April 3, Doc Smartass [username], “Re: Ayn Rand Secretly Took From The State!”, in alt.atheism, Usenet[9]:
    Nope. Meaningless. Not like the teatards are getting any legislation done--they're keeping shit from GETTING done, but that's no different from gopper obstructionism anyway.
  • 2011 April 3, Kickin' Ass and Takin' Names [username], “When a letter to the editor starts off: "Dear Shit For Brains," you know you're not dealing with a Rhodes scholar”, in alt.politics, Usenet[10]:
    We can assume it’s a generalized response to this or that post about income inequality or the nation’s biggest corporations evading all taxation, but assumptions are never wise when dealing with a teatard on the Hotmail.
  • 2011 August 2, Neoconis_Ignoramus [username], “Dumbass Teatards think they've helped the economy. Exactly the opposite, of course”, in alt.politics, Usenet[11]:
    Alas, these morons think that the U.S. economy runs like your typical trailer-dwelling teatard's account does.
  • 2011 November 9, Phlip, “Big Election Wins For Libs Obama Had Nothing To Do With Still About Obama”, in talk.politics.misc, Usenet[12]:
    Scenes from the massacre yesterday: Kochsucker thug John Kasich’s Ohio union-busting law was demolished; in Mississippi, the criminally insane anti-abortion “personhood” amendment was shredded, a new GOP- sponsored Maine law banning Election Day registration went up in flames, Republicans got hammered in Kentucky, and even in crazy old teatard Arizona it was the Arizona equivalent of ten thousand free state-sponsored abortions because “God hates browns” law-sponsor nutter state Senator Russell Pearce got a big recall face punch.
  • 2012 January 16, deadrat [username], “I went to Government schools, but I'm still willing to learn>>>you were silent about Obama speaking out against TEA PARTY individuals and groups>> You still chastise McCarthy for saying Communists were the enemy”, in, Usenet[13]:
    I'm pretty sure Obama has never mentioned a teatard individual by name.
  • 2012 November 28, ChasNemo [username], “Re: WATCH KARL ROVES HEAD EXPLOAD! I really, really enjoyed that! Thanks for sharing!! It would be great to see similar footage of other bloated heads exploding (Rush Limbaugh, etc.!!!”, in, Usenet[14]:
    You must be a teatard moping over FOUR MORE YEARS! <SNICKER!!!!!!!>