tea +‎ -tard


teatard ‎(plural teatards)

  1. (US, slang, pejorative) A supporter of the Tea Party movement.
    • 2010 November 24, JLS, “Re: Closing-in: Supremes Confer On No Birth Certificate Eligibility Crisis”[1], alt.politics, Usenet:
      You teatard birthers are delightfully funny.
    • 2011 February 28, Neoconis_Ignoramus [username], “Teatard "plan" would cost 700,000 jobs, cut gdp growth”[2], alt.fan.rush-limbaugh, Usenet:
      As if we needed further evidence that the teatard "austerity" "plan" was a stupid idea.
    • 2012 November 28, ChasNemo [username], “Re: WATCH KARL ROVES HEAD EXPLOAD! I really, really enjoyed that! Thanks for sharing!! It would be great to see similar footage of other bloated heads exploding (Rush Limbaugh, etc.!!!”[3], alt.radio.talk.dr-laura, Usenet:
      You must be a teatard moping over FOUR MORE YEARS! <SNICKER!!!!!!!>
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