English citations of uncirced

Adjective: "(informal) not circumcised"Edit

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  • 2000 January 29, Steve, “Re: "What do I tell my son?" (circumcision)”, in, Usenet[1]:
    In a recent survey uncirced boys were thought by their peers to be more macho and to have larger penises.
  • 2000 April 11, Cheryl Nakao, “Re: question”, in, Usenet[2]:
    Both of my boys are uncirced and their pediatricians say that I should never try to pull their foreskins back.
  • 2001 February 5, Victoria Anne McDonnell, “Re: Circumcision”, in, Usenet[3]:
    I had never seen an uncirced penis before meeting him and thought it was kind of strange.
  • 2003 March 1, CoolBoyHot [username], “Re: circumcision lowers hiv rates in africa”, in alt.circumcision, Usenet[4]:
    Then why do uncirced tribes have higher hiv rates than circed???
  • 2003 May 8, trifold [username], “Re: New study on circumcision...”, in soc.sexuality.general, Usenet[5]:
    So that the difference between how circed and uncirced men experiecne[sic] great sex are[sic] likely to be far less significant than the difference between ordinary and great sex as felt by a circed OR uncirced man.
  • 2006 January 30, Anonymous Jack [username], “Re: Circumcision (male)”, in soc.sexuality.general, Usenet[6]:
    I'm uncirced and have opted to remain that way - not from ignorance, but because it hasn't caused me *any* problems.