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Alternative formsEdit


un- +‎ circed


uncirced (not comparable)

  1. (informal) Uncircumcised.
    • 2000 April 11, Cheryl Nakao, “Re: question”, in misc.kids.breastfeeding, Usenet[1]:
      Both of my boys are uncirced and their pediatricians say that I should never try to pull their foreskins back.
    • 2001 February 5, Victoria Anne McDonnell, “Re: Circumcision”, in misc.kids.pregnancy, Usenet[2]:
      I had never seen an uncirced penis before meeting him and thought it was kind of strange.
    • 2006 January 30, Anonymous Jack [username], “Re: Circumcision (male)”, in soc.sexuality.general, Usenet[3]:
      I'm uncirced and have opted to remain that way - not from ignorance, but because it hasn't caused me *any* problems.
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