English citations of uninym

Noun: "a single name by which a person or thing is known" edit

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  • 1985 — Jeff Millar, "Ups in engrossing Dragon' overshadow the downs", Houston Chronicle, 19 August 1985:
    Casting the role with the "uninym-ed" Ariane, a model taking her first shot at acting, is not what you'd call damage control.
  • 2003James Poniewozik & Jeanne McDowell, "A Rose Without Thorns?", Time, 4 August 2003:
    The woman who began as acerbic housewife-comedian Roseanne Barr became Roseanne Arnold during her stormy marriage to luckiest-man-in-show-biz Tom Arnold, then dropped her surname altogether is now Barr again--a concession to the fact that she's no longer famous enough for a uninym.
  • 2004 — Dinesh Raheja, "Mood-weaver Suraiya", Mid Day, 2 February 2004:
    Yet the uninym 'Suraiya' is still evocative enough to bring back memories of a sparkling-eyed chanteuse singing a mellifluous song while clinging to a stray piece of vegetation.
  • 2006 — Greg Beato, "Sub Conscious", Failure Magazine, 15 February 2006:
    When I say "Jared," you know I'm not talking about actor Jared Leto or Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jared Diamond. Those guys have their constituencies, but uninym status? There's only one Jared who can make that claim: Jared the Subway guy, the innovative weight-loss adventurer, []
  • 2009 — Aron Gold, "True Confessions Of A Hollywood Starlet", EDGE Las Vegas, 13 March 2009:
    Ingenue and uninym Jojo stars as Morgan Carter, a Lindsay Lohan-esque starlet whose out-of-control behavior lands her in rehab.