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Cookie Monster


Proper nounEdit

Cookie Monster

  1. A blue creature from the children's television show Sesame Street who is intensely fond of cookies.
    • 1995, Kathy Levine, It's Better to Laugh, page 25:
      In the first four years I worked at QVC I was a cookie monster and ate myself up twenty-two pounds — that's a lot of chocolate chips.
    • 2002, Laura Lemay; Rafe Colburn, Sams teach yourself Perl in 21 days, page 20:
      The cookie monster program would lock up your terminal and endlessly prompt you to "Give me a cookie (or "I WANT A COOKIE" or some variation), and no matter what you typed, it would always insist it wanted a cookie.
    • 2008, Paul W. May, Molecules with Silly Or Unusual Names, page 150:
      A gene involved in cell division which is named because it makes the cells look like a `whole bunch of cookie monster eyes'.
    • 2009, Denise Dietz, Throw Darts at a Cheesecake, page 182:
      In his Cookie Monster voice, he screamed, "Bing-go! Jack-pot! Koo-key!"