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After the Daleks on the British science-fiction programme Doctor Who, where they spoke with an electronically modulated voice.


Dalek voice (plural Dalek voices)

  1. Harsh, throaty, staccato, monotone voice.
    • 1982, Jakov Lind, Travels to the Enu: Story of a Shipwreck, page 60
      Burk replied in his husky Dalek voice without looking at the King but also without any trepidation: 'I was christened Herbert Burk.'
    • 1984, Eileen Dewhurst, The House that Jack Built, page 40
      And it was something just to have it to look forward to, to think about instead of thinking about the Dalek voice. I have your notebook.
    • 1985, Punch, 288: 11
      [] eyes and a Dalek voice, and its dreadful polished face keeps swivelling towards me; it is an iron Archie Andrews, but I do not have to make it speak.
    • 1988, New Scientist, 118: 79
      "Now press button A," a Dalek voice tells someone who is trying to set the video recorder to tape a TV programme for later viewing.
    • 1994, Buddhist Society (London, England), The Middle Way, volumes 69-70, page 120
      Sometimes one seems to hear it being read out by a dalek-voice
    • 1997, Bruno MacDonald, Pink Floyd: through the eyes of...the band, its fans, friends, and foes, page 310
      You know, this Dalek voice says, "The-bonnet's-open, you-are-low-on-fuel, the-engine-tem-perature-is-high, we're-not-going-to-make-it-on-this-one-Nick, we'll-be-walking-after-this-corner."
    • 1998, Fred Inglis, Raymond Williams, page 260
      Many questions were literary concoctions, edited from conversation into rather stiff print (One review referred to our 'Dalek voice'.)
    • 2004, Graham Lord, Niv: the authorized biography of David Niven, page 240
      Hawkins was to have a device implanted in his throat to help him speak in a 'strange Dalek voice ', as his wife put it, but the operation gave him another seven years of life.
    • 2005, P. D. Shelley, Sugar and Spice, page 171
      Is your name Oscar Lois Anderson?' Her Dalek voice echoed eerily through the black emptiness of the warehouse.
    • 2005, Tim Heald, Death and the D'Urbervilles, page 244
      'This is she,' said the Dalek voice. 'Good evening,' said Tudor, 'it's Tudor Cornwall, University of Wessex.'
    • 2008, Rick Snoman, Dance Music Manual: Tools, Toys and Techniques, page 121
      The Dalek voice isn't just for Dr Who fans as it can be used in place of a vocoder to produce more metallic style voices that are suitable for use in any dance genre.

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