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Essene +‎ -ism


Essaism (uncountable)

  1. Synonym of Essenism
    • 1852, Heinrich Wilhelm Josias Thiersch, The history of the Christian Church, page 139:
      In the Epistle to the Colossians, which both date and contents connect with the encyclical Epistle, he denounces a Judaistic amalgamation of Christianity with Essaism.
    • 1880, Ernst von Bunsen, The Angel-messiah of Buddhists, Essenes, and Christians, page 129:
      Love of truth was inculcated by Essaism, as by Parsism and Buddhism, and was promised by an oath.
    • 1891, John Ebenezer Honeyman Thomson, Books which Influenced Our Lord and His Apostles:
      How difficult this investigation, how doubtful its results, may be understood when we mention that Hilgenfeld says, Jüdische Apocalyptik, p. 245: "Essaism is the most enigmatical phenomenon of later Judaism ; " and Lucius (der Essenismus, p. 63) makes a remark precisely similar.