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GB/T automotive DC fast charging connector configuration

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From Mandarin GB/T, from Mandarin 國標/推薦国标/推荐 (guóbiāo/tuījiàn).

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GB/T (Guobiao/Tuijian)

  1. The set of recommended national standards of the People's Republic of China
  2. (automotive) An electric vehicle charging standard, defining the physical plug, communications protocol, and charging method.

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set of standards
  • GB (Guobiao)

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GB/T (plural GB/Ts)

  1. A recommended national standard of the People's Republic of China
  2. (automotive) A plug, cable, charger, or outlet using the electric vehicle charging standard

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  1. GB/T: Initialism of 國標/推薦国标/推荐 (guóbiāo/tuījiàn, literally Recommended National Standard).

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  • English: GB/T