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Gaysoc (plural Gaysocs)

  1. (LGBT) A club or society, especially in a university, that promotes and supports the needs of homosexuals.
    • 1981, John Hart, Diane Richardson, The theory and practice of homosexuality:
      Assuming that there are places of higher education there will usually be a polytechnic or university gaysoc. The potential size of a gaysoc in terms of numbers of students is probably hundreds, but this will not be reflected in the actual attendance at meetings. It may still be more difficult to come out in a hall of residence or on a course, but probably less so than if you are an apprentice electrician.
    • 2006, Terry Brown, Other Voices, Other Worlds: The Global Church Speaks Out on Homosexuality:
      In 1969 the Stonewall riot in New York saw the birth of a new gay cultural movement that quickly affected England: the Gay Rights lobbies, the GaySoc in the universities, the flood of pro-gay literature.
    • 2010, Kirsten Hears, Oi! What about us?, as quoted in Bob Cant and Susan Hemmings (editors), Radical Records: Thirty Years of Lesbian and Gay History, 1957-1987:
      I also joined Gaysoc, partly out of respect for a close friend (and former boyfriend) who had come out as gay, partly because we had a gay president.