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Girl Guides

  1. (Britain, Canada) A worldwide youth organisation for girls. Known as the Girl Scouts in the USA.
    • 1935 July 16, Kenya Gazette, page 802,
      The proviso to clause 5 makes it possible for existing Girl Guides organizations which were not formed and do not function under the authority of the Girl Guides Association to avoid the penalties prescribed by the Bill.
    • 2002, Robert T. Grimm, Notable American Philanthropists: Biographies of Giving and Volunteering[1], page 189:
      Baden-Powell enlisted his sister, Agnes Baden-Powell, to help him form the Girl Guides, when, at his first call to form the group, 6,000 girls registered.
    • 2002, Scott Mitchell, Secret Toronto: The Unique Guidebook to Toronto′s Hidden Sites, Sounds & Tastes[2], page 117:
      A small satellite exhibition at Casa Loma (1 Austin Tce 416-923-1171) celebrates the contributions of Lady Mary Pellatt, wife of the castle′s builder, to Girl Guides in Canada.
    • 2004, Brian Carroll, Australia's Governors General: From Hopetoun to Jeffery[3], page 103:
      Hore-Ruthven accepted appointment as Governor of South Australia, arrived in Adelaide in May 1928, and began to travel the state by Moth aeroplane. He took an active role in the Boy Scouts, his wife in the Girl Guides.



Girl Guides

  1. plural of Girl Guide