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Gordie Howe hat trick



Gordie Howe +‎ hat trick. Named for Gordie Howe (1928-2016), considered one of the all-time best ice hockey players, but known for his tendency to fight.


Gordie Howe hat trick (plural Gordie Howe hat tricks)

  1. (Canada and US, ice hockey) The triple achievement of a goal, an assist for a goal, and participation in a fight, within a single game.
    • 1989 Dec. 17, "North Stars Snap Road Slump 4-3," St. Paul Pioneer Press (retrieved 21 Sept. 2013):
      "Basil got a ‘Gordie Howe hat trick’," Dave Gagner said. "He scored a goal, got an assist on the winner and got into a fight. A hell of a fight!"
    • 1996 Nov. 23, Rick Sadowski, "Severyn has starring role as AVs trip up Islanders," Rocky Mountain News (retrieved 21 Sept. 2013):
      "Last February against Anaheim," Severyn said . . . "I got a Gordie Howe hat trick that night. You know, a goal, a fight and an assist."
    • 2010 Oct. 20, Fluto Shinzawa, "Lucic settles a score and Bruins capitalize," Boston Globe (retrieved 21 Sept. 2013):
      The assist came in the first period. . . . The goal came later in the first. . . . Then in the third, to complete the Gordie Howe hat trick, the fight just happened, said Milan Lucic.