Gordie Howe hat trick



Gordie Howe +‎ hat trick. Named for Gordie Howe (1928-2016), considered one of the all-time best ice hockey players, but known for his tendency to fight.


Gordie Howe hat trick ‎(plural Gordie Howe hat tricks)

  1. (Canada and US, ice hockey) The triple achievement of a goal, an assist for a goal, and participation in a fight, within a single game.
    • 1989 Dec. 17, "North Stars Snap Road Slump 4-3," St. Paul Pioneer Press (retrieved 21 Sept. 2013):
      "Basil got a ‘Gordie Howe hat trick’," Dave Gagner said. "He scored a goal, got an assist on the winner and got into a fight. A hell of a fight!"
    • 1996 Nov. 23, Rick Sadowski, "Severyn has starring role as AVs trip up Islanders," Rocky Mountain News (retrieved 21 Sept. 2013):
      "Last February against Anaheim," Severyn said . . . "I got a Gordie Howe hat trick that night. You know, a goal, a fight and an assist."
    • 2010 Oct. 20, Fluto Shinzawa, "Lucic settles a score and Bruins capitalize," Boston Globe (retrieved 21 Sept. 2013):
      The assist came in the first period. . . . The goal came later in the first. . . . Then in the third, to complete the Gordie Howe hat trick, the fight just happened, said Milan Lucic.