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From Old Dutch holt lant “wood land,” apparently originally describing the district around the city of Dordrecht, where there used to be forests.



Proper nounEdit

Holande f (5th declension)

  1. Holland (alternative name of the Netherlands)
    Holande ir maza valsts ar lielām iespējāmHolland is a small country with big opportunities
    mēs dzīvojam Holandēwe live in Holland
    regulāri Nīderlande tiek saukta par Holandithe Netherlands is usually called Holland

Usage notesEdit

The name of the Netherlands in Latvian is Nīderlande, but, as in many languages, the term Holande is very often used as the name of the whole country, even though it should in principle only apply to the region of the two provinces of North Holland and South Holland (in Latvian, Ziemeļholande and Dienvidholande).



Derived termsEdit