Blend of Holocaust +‎ Christianity


Holocaustianity (uncountable)

  1. (offensive, used by Holocaust deniers) A belief system centered around Holocaust assertions.
    • 1993 Instauration, Volumes 19-20, page 14
      It's not just a question of the sickness and guilt instilled in young whites by nonstop harangues about "slavery" and "apartheid" — and Holocaustianity too, it might be added
    • 2009 Why is Pat Buchanan's website playing host to Holocaust deniers? New York Daily News
      This is a perfect description of the Buchanan Brigades' forum, which is replete with references to the "Holohoax" and "Holocaustianity."
    • 2011 From the Temple to the Talmud, page 175
      These are the kind of disgusting and morbid, psychotic images which Jewish kids are exposed to constantly in the cinematic liturgy of Holocaustianity and for that matter, in the Talmud as well.
    • 2013 Confronting the ADL's Campaign of Hate American Free Press
      Typical of their modus operandi, the ADL scared off speakers for Freedompalooza by dropping the “holocaust-denial” bomb. “I’m tired of seeing white men kneeling down to the Holocaustianity myth,” said Topete
    • 2014 A Spiritual Manifesto, page 141
      As the foundation for Christianity and Muhammadism we must not leave out criticism of the Jewish presence on the world stage because of the divisiveness of any supremacist, racist group based on unverifiable ancient texts and scientific error, at the risk of venturing into the intellectual arenas that have been forced out of public debate by constant barrage of victim status, Holocaustianity, preemptive defensive posturing and hypersensitivity through Jewish media and political discourse coupled with the fringe labeling of delusional conspiracy theorists of those who dare or actually are.

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