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See also: Islamic and islàmic




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Islāmic (comparative more Islāmic, superlative most Islāmic)

  1. Alternative spelling of Islamic
    • 2003, Jaʻfar Subḥānī, The Islāmic Moral System: Commentary of Sūrah Al-Hujarāt
    • 2012, John Andrew Morrow, Religion and Revolution[1], page 212:
      For many Muslim scholars and mystics, however, the Ṣūfism of al-Ḥallāj clearly steps out of the bounds of Islāmic orthodoxy, entering the abode of heterodoxy and even heresy.
    • 2012, Allama Dr. Sani Salih Mustapha, A Contemporary, Rational Examination of the Sciences of the Holy Qur’ān[2], page xxv:
      I was born into a Muslim family, and my ancestors were described as well learned in Islāmic jurisprudence.