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Apparently an alteration of Jedediah or Jedidiah, perhaps influenced by Obadiah. All early attestations are mistaken references to persons actually named Jedediah or Jedidiah.

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Proper noun edit

Jebediah (plural Jebediahs)

  1. A male given name.
    • 1854, The Charter and By-laws of the Locust Gap Improvement Company, with Reports on Their Coal Land[1], Locust Gap Improvement Company, page 26:
      See the interesting report of Jebediah Irish, Esq., on this subject, who has acquired more correct knowledge, by long experience and observation, having devoted more years of his life to the subject than perhaps any one of his cotemporaries.

Usage notes edit

  • The name Jebediah appears in a number of fictional works, but does not seem to be used in real life.