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Back-formation from Liverpool, possibly influenced by liver bird.



Liver (comparative more Liver, superlative most Liver)

  1. (rare) From or pertaining to Liverpool.
    • 1999 October 7, Jonathan Yee, “warning long post”, in uk.rec.competitions, Usenet[1], message-ID <qD8L3.581$>:
      He was fat, he was round and his car was in the pound. But we loved Liver bloke Jan Molby all the same. Now he's decided to tell us all about his crazy old days as the Lardy Lord of the Liverpool midfield and you can get your hands on this very funny tale for free if you win this competition.
    • 2008, Carmenica Diaz, Shame, →ISBN, page 16:
      ‘Your accent has changed!’
      ‘No, it hasn’t,’ I lied as I had found a cheap voice teacher for elocution lessons to remove my Liver accent.
      ‘Yes it has! You no longer sound like a female Sir Paul McCartney.’
    • 2012, Julian Corbell, Encounters with Strangers, →ISBN, page 19:
      To Jaye this seemed a strange coupling, Dirk being a fun-loving, hard-drinking and irresponsible Liver Lad, and Liz a serious, sober and very responsible History student who gave Jaye the impression of being Dirk's Mum rather than his lover.
    • 2014, Shane Spall, The Princess Matilda Comes Home, →ISBN, page 152:
      Recently we had recognized certain voices as we had given our routine passage, but now the voice was Northern Irish, replacing the lady from Liverpool. Our Liver girl had sounded quite sad when she advised us to let Belfast know when we arrived in Peel.

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