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Loegria +‎ -an


Loegrian (not comparable)

  1. (poetic) Of or pertaining to Loegria; English
  2. (historical) Of or pertaining to the people of England during Roman times, prior to their conquest by the Saxons.
    • 1876, Evan Evans & ‎Daniel Silvan Evans, Gwaith y parchedig Evan Evans, Ieuan Brydydd Hir, golyg. gan D.-, page 290:
      The Scots of Ireland, and the Picts of Albania, or North Britain, whose situation protected them from the Roman vassalage, became too powerful for the Loegrian Provincial Britons, who, on account of the island having been made the seat of empire, were enervated by the luxuries of the Romans, and the country drained of its youth to supply the continual wars carried on by their conquerors, and these foreigners had left them a mixed and degenerate race, corrupted by all their follies, vices, and dissipations, without any emulation of national honour, to rouse and stimulate them to great actions.


Loegrian (plural Loegrians)

  1. An inhabitant of what is now England during the times of the Roman occupation, prior to the conquest by the Saxons.