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Mahometan (plural Mahometans)

  1. (obsolete or archaic) Alternative form of Mohammedan
    • John Morley, Voltaire
      Moreover, the modern argument in favour of the supernatural origin of the Christian religion, drawn from its suitableness to our needs and its divine response to our aspirations, must be admitted by every candid person resorting to it to be of exactly equal force in the mouth of a Mahometan or a fire-worshipper or an astrolater.
    • 1828, Frederic Shoberl, Persia (page 95)
      The devout Mahometans charge the Sofis with atheism; while the latter not only deny the accusation, but pretend to hold intercourse with God: they assemble at night, and perform the exercises of turning round, jumping and shouting, till they drop down from weakness and exhaustion.


Mahometan (not comparable)

  1. (obsolete or archaic) Alternative form of Mohammedan


Middle FrenchEdit


Mahomet +‎ -an. Literally "(one) of Muhammad".


Mahometan m (plural Mahometans)

  1. Muslim