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NHI (not comparable)

  1. (slang) Acronym of no human involved (describing a crime committed against people deemed societally undesirable).
    • 1989 May 14, Los Angeles Times, page 1:
      As incensed as the public gets at appallingly brutal killings–the ones that blow away innocents–police expend little sympathy on criminal-to-criminal mayhem. An acronym drifts unwritten about the system; those are NHI crimes–No Human Involved. Such talk is severely not part of official policy []
    • 2002, Lynn Breedlove, Godspeed, page 24:
      The cops got an actual rubber stamp that says NHI.
    • 2015, Jill Leovy, Ghettoside: A True Story of Murder in America, Spiegel & Grau, →ISBN, page 6:
      According to the old unwritten code of the Los Angeles Police Department, Dovon's was a nothing murder. “NHI-No Human Involved,” the cops used to say.

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