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Old Testamental

  1. Of or relating to the Old Testament.
    Synonyms: (rare) paleotestamentary, vetero-testamentary
    Coordinate term: New Testamental
    • 1991, James Yeong-Sik Pak, “[Ungodliness or Idolatry and God's Wrath (Rom 1,18-21; OrSib Fr III,41-49)] The Wrath of God against All Ungodliness and Wickedness of Men (Rom 1,18-21)”, in Paul as Missionary: A Comparative Study of Missionary Discourse in Paul's Epistles and Selected Contemporary Jewish Texts (European University Studies: Series XXIII, Theology; 410), Frankfurt am Main, Bern, New York, N.Y., Paris: Peter Lang, →ISBN, →ISSN, page 36:
      Paul's discourse is rooted in the Old Testamental belief in the Creator who is present in his creatures (Ps 8; 18,2ff; 19; 29; 104; Job 12,7-9; 38 - 41)33.
    • 1992, Karl F[rederick] Morrison, “[Case 2. Herman-Judah’s Account] Introduction”, in Conversion and Text: The Cases of Augustine of Hippo, Herman-Judah, and Constantine Tsatsos, Charlottesville, Va., London: University Press of Virginia, →ISBN, page 62:
      The lines of implication are complete when the flesh of the eaten is transformed into the body of the eater, a fact on which rested the whole weight of Old Testamental laws against dietary pollution.
    • 1993, Eva Ibbotson, chapter 8, in The Morning Gift, New York, N.Y.: St. Martin’s Press, →ISBN, page 86:
      She nodded, still visibly upset, and, realizing that she had retreated into her Old Testamental world of omens and disasters, he left her alone.