OpenB@NearSideNosehigh-FingerUp OpenB@SideNosehigh-FingerForward

American Sign Language edit

Alternative forms edit

Etymology edit

Indicates the future portion of the ASL timeline, wherein the past is over the shoulder, the present is immediately in front of the body, and the future is extended farther forward.

Production edit

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  • This one-handed ASL sign has two postures:
    1. Posture the dominant hand in the “open B” handshape just forward of the shoulder at nose height, fingers pointing up.
      • Move the hand forward to the following posture.
    2. Posture the dominant hand in the “open B” handshape about an elbow's length in front of the body, at nose height, fingers slightly forward.

Adverb edit

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  1. in the future; will

Usage notes edit

As with other signs indicating tense, this sign always appears before the first verb that refers to the described timeframe. If subsequent verbs, phrases, or sentences refer to the same time period, the sign is typically not repeated.