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other +‎ world


Otherworld (plural Otherworlds)

  1. (paganism) The other realms of existence beyond the world of mankind, especially the realms of the dead or the fairy folk.


  • 1990 Understanding Runes, Michael Howard, Thorson, →ISBN, page 21.
    In these dreams the spirits of the Otherworld materialized in the shape of animals and spoke to them.
  • 2001 Thunder issue 16&17 (Heathen Journal), The Tale of Aelfstan, Wulf Hengestsson.
    It is a time when folk remember their Ancestors in the Otherworlds and when the veil between the worlds is so thin that, with a little magic, you could pass through it.
  • 2005 Taking Up The Runes, Diana Paxson, Weiser Books, →ISBN, page 207.
    The spiritual skill that above all identifies the shaman is the ability to go into trance and journey through the Otherworld at will.