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PCP (countable and uncountable, plural PCPs)

  1. (chemistry) Abbreviation of phenylcyclohexyl piperidine, an alternative name for phencyclidine.
  2. (organic chemistry) Abbreviation of pentachlorophenol.
  3. (biochemistry) Initialism of peptidyl carrier protein.
  4. (mathematics) Initialism of probabilistically checkable proof.
  5. (healthcare) Initialism of primary care physician.
  6. (healthcare) Initialism of primary care practitioner.
  7. (medicine) Abbreviation of pneumocystis pneumonia.
    • 2005, Donald Hall, The Best Day the Worst Day: Life with Jane Kenyon, Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, →ISBN, page 76:
      The lab had reported on Jane's disease, and the doctors were confident that they could treat it. She had PCP, Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia, which strikes patients with depressed immune systems—notably victims of ALL or AIDS.

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