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From the arcade game Pac-Man (1980) and its player character, a circle with a snapping mouth gobbling dots in a maze.



  1. (slang) Anything that consumes indiscriminately.
    • 1992, Kenneth Janda, Jeffrey M Berry, Jerry Goldman, The challenge of democracy: government in America
      "Medicaid is becoming the Pac-Man of state government, eating up every dollar," remarked one official.
    • 1995, Bruce Piasecki, Corporate environmental strategy: the avalanche of change since Bhopal
      Chlorine acts like a Pac-Man of the high atmosphere, gobbling one ozone molecule after another and then being regenerated to gobble again.
    • 1995, J Richard Middleton, Brian J Walsh, Truth is stranger than it used to be: biblical faith in a postmodern age
      The ironic deconstruction of all meaningful discourse, including normative discourse, says Gergen, "is like a Pac-Man of social pattern, gobbling all that stands in its path."
    • 1995, Patrick J Spain, James R Talbot, Hoover's Handbook of American Companies 1996
      Like the Pac-Man of garbage, Browning-Ferris Industries (BFI) is gobbling up smaller waste disposal firms — 113 in 1994 alone — as that industry becomes increasingly consolidated.