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From English patois, borrowed from French patois (regional dialect or language).


  • IPA(key): /ˈpatˈwa/
  • Hyphenation: Pat‧wa

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  1. The basilectal form of Jamaican Creole; Patwa.
    • 2018, Shelley Sykes-Coley, Chat ’Bout!: An Anthology of Jamaican Conversations, →ISBN:
      “Depen'in 'pon how wi waan fi deal wid a matta
      wi can switch fram English to Patwa
      or reach fi Rasta fi a positive vibe;
      or proverbs, fi some wisdom prescribe.

      Wi mek up new wud right 'pon di spot
      to add to wi cultural meltin' pot
      of language dat mek Patwa so sweet,
      even di soun' when we kiss we teet' []
      Depending on how we want to handle a situation. We can switch from English to Patwa or even to Rasta talk for a positive vibe; or sayings, if we want to impart wisdom. We make up new words right on the spot to add to our cultural melting pot of language which makes Patwa so sweet; even the sound we make when we suck our teeth []
    Yuh (can) chat Patwa?Do you speak Jamaican Creole?

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