Pesquet's parrot


A female parrot.


Pesquet's parrot (plural Pesquet's parrots)

  1. Psittrichas fulgidus, a species of parrot found in New Guinea which has black and red plumage.
    Synonym: vulturine parrot
    Pesquet's Parrot
    • 1973, Pacific Islands Monthly: PIM:
      Missing were four eclectus parrots—the male is bright green, the female brigh red—and five Pesquet's parrots which have spectacular red and black plumage, much coveted for tribal head-dresses.
    • 1980, New York Zoological Society, Annual Report:
      Among the many significant hatchings to rare and endangered species were those of pink pigeons, Malayan wreathed hornbills, Pesquet's parrots, white-naped cranes, hooded cranes, Congo peacocks, and Malayan peacock pheasants.