Blend of PowerPoint +‎ pointlessness, coined by Jamie McKenzie in 2000


PowerPointlessness ‎(uncountable)

  1. The senseless use of PowerPoint to communicate with too many bells and whistles, animated transitions between slides, etc. and very little substance.
    • 2005, David Clive Nettelbeck, Computers, Thinking and Learning: Inspiring Students with Technology, page 52
      We do not have to subject ourselves or our students to 'death by PowerPoint' or 'PowerPointlessness' as Jamie McKenzie calls it
    • 2007, Steven J. Bell, John D. Shank, Academic Librarianship by Design, page 139
      Powerful PowerPoint: Tips for Ending PowerPointlessness ...
    • 2007, Glenn Rikowski, PowerPointlessness in Higher Education (Target page closed down by AOL)
      PowerPointlessness in higher education is an educational sin. I am rethinking.
    • 2008, various authors, Presentation Skill, Global Media, ISBN 8189940791, 9788189940799 Presentation Skill
      Avoid 'PowerPointlessness!' A presentation should always be about your audience, not about you.