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Blend of PowerPoint +‎ pointlessness, coined by Jamie McKenzie in 2000


PowerPointlessness (uncountable)

  1. The senseless use of PowerPoint to communicate with too many bells and whistles, animated transitions between slides, etc. and very little substance.
    • 2005, David Clive Nettelbeck, Computers, Thinking and Learning: Inspiring Students with Technology, page 52:
      We do not have to subject ourselves or our students to 'death by PowerPoint' or 'PowerPointlessness' as Jamie McKenzie calls it
    • 2007, Steven J. Bell, John D. Shank, Academic Librarianship by Design, page 139
      Powerful PowerPoint: Tips for Ending PowerPointlessness ...
    • 2007, Glenn Rikowski, PowerPointlessness in Higher Education (Target page closed down by AOL)
      PowerPointlessness in higher education is an educational sin. I am rethinking.
    • 2008, various authors, Presentation Skill, Global Media, →ISBN, 9788189940799 Presentation Skill
      Avoid 'PowerPointlessness!' A presentation should always be about your audience, not about you.