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From the mistaken belief that the Prince of Wales is the country's head of state; the historical Principality of Wales only made up a portion of the country of Wales.

Proper nounEdit

the Principality

  1. Wales
    • 1795, Joshua THOMAS (of Leominster.), A History of the Baptist Association in Wales, from the year 1650, to the year 1790, etc, page 77:
      The first information I have of a sermon at an association, in the Principality, is in the letter of 1703, which appoints one to be preached the following year.
    • 1967, Transactions - Institute of British Geographers
      During the last decade or so Wales has attracted about 10 per cent of British holiday-makers. According to a sample survey carried out in 1961, the Principality accommodated 4 million people in that year who spent a total of 28-million holiday nights.
    • 2015, Gareth Bennett, David Collins, The Little Book of Cardiff, The History Press →ISBN
      Welshmen from throughout the Principality, as well as well-known international players, came to Cardiff to don the famous balck-and-blue jersey.
  2. Alternative letter-case form of principality; any of the actual extant principalities.
    • 2002, Eur, Western Europe 2003, Psychology Press →ISBN, page 451
      The affair led to a crisis in relations between France and the Principality, with the French Government overruling Prince Rainier by refusing to extend the mandate of Monaco's Chief Prosecutor